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On January 12th a powerful 7.0 quake hit the impoverished nation of Haiti. There has been unthinkable damage and loss of life estimated to be as high as 300,000. More than one million people were left homeless, and hundreds of thousands were injured. Approximately Eighty-seven percent of Port-au-Prince schools were damaged or destroyed by the earthquake. The Haitian government says it believes at least 38,000 students and more than 1,300 teachers and other education personnel died in the earthquake.

College Universitaire Caraibe (C.U.C.), founded in 1988, was one of many schools that were completely destroyed by the earthquake. Approximately 42 students, teachers and faculty members perished in the Port-au-Prince, Delmas location.

As the mourning and remembrance of fallen friends, co-workers and loved ones continues, the process of rebuilding the school begins. Over 300 students and 35 faculty and staff members depend on C.U.C. (see more C.U.C. facts), and with the number of neighboring schools having suffered the same destruction, there are not many alternatives.

The CUC Haitian Education Foundation was created in the aftermath of the earthquake as many alumni, former faculty and staff, and all others who had witnessed the devastating effects of the earthquake, wanted to help rebuild the school. The foundation will also support several projects to assist students and teachers as we look to improve education in Haiti.


"Bay piti pa chich"

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