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You can help us rebuild the school, including its classrooms, computer labs, auditorium, and library as well as create scholarships for students and assist in the training and development of teachers. You can donate to specific areas of the fund as listed below, or donate a general gift that will be used where the need is greatest. Either way, your gift will go a long way in helping rebuild College Universitaire Caraibe and all of the children and adults that depend on it.

Where the need is greatest

Gifts will be used for all issues listed below.

Infrastructure & Equipment

Gifts will be used for the re-building of the establishment and key equipment such as desks, chalkboards, etc.


Gifts will be used to pay for schooling and books for one or more students. Contact us by email if you would like to receive personalized information about the student(s) you are assisting.

Library & Computer Labs

Gifts will be used for shelves, books and computer equipment

Teacher Support

Funds will be used for the training of new and veteran teachers\professors. Part of the training will include assisting students in coping with the January 12th tragedy.

You can donate by credit card by clicking the buttons above, or if you prefer, you can send checks payable to CUC Haitian Education Foundation

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