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Current Projects



The "Bibliothérapie" project provides support for children that were affected by the January 12, 2010 earthquake. It provides psychological support from trainded teachers while, at the same time, providing basic reading and other skills.
This project is done in partnership with the International Board On Books For Young People (

Several of the trained teachers have been going to the post-earthquake tent camps to work with the children. Similar efforts were made during previous disasters such the Gonaives floods of 2008.

Psychology and Education PHD Jocelyne Trouillot-Lévy working with children in the Delmas area in March 2010.


Community School in Montrouis

College Universitaire Caraibe, In partnership with the local government, hosts and funds a local pre-school and elementary school in the Montrouis area (just outside of the city of St-Marc).


Teacher Training \ CODE Project

In partnership with the Canadian Organization for Development through Education (CODE), Universite Caraibe provides training for teachers in the Carrefour and Delmas areas.


Rebuilding C.U.C. Main Campus

Thanks to the foundation, foreign assitance, and gevernment assitance, the rebuilding process has begun. Here are some pictures from August 2010


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